Water Damage Restoration Westchester NY

One of the most important parts of any disaster restoration project is filing a claim with your insurance company. Correctly filing your claim and accurately declaring all damages is the best way to ensure you receive compensation.

  • Being familiar with your insurance policy will limit any surprises when damage occurs to your home or business. Knowing the limits and conditions of your coverage, and how much your deductible may cost you can greatly reduce unnecessary stress in an already overwhelming situation.


  • Call a reputable disaster restoration company to begin emergency services. Bowerman Cleaning & Restoration will respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, call 1-844-BOWERMAN. We work directly with insurance companies, property adjusters and homeowners to ensure efficient restoration of your residential and commercial property.


  • After damage has occurred to your home or business, the first step to take is to call your insurance company to submit a claim. You will be assigned a claim number and in most cases, an adjuster will be sent to assess and document the damages to your property.


  • Be sure to keep a detailed list of items that were damaged or destroyed. Save receipts and keep a detailed record of money spent on items that had to be replaced and repaired. Take pictures to document the damages to your property and possessions.


  • Maintain contact with your insurance agent and property adjuster to remain updated about the progress of the claim you submitted.


  • Remember that the amount of time in which a claim will be settled can vary depending on the type and severity of damages, the amount of time needed for repairs, and how your insurance carrier handles their claims process. Be aware that some claims can be settled in a week and others may take a month or more. Bowerman Cleaning & Restoration communicates directly with your insurance company as well as the adjuster to keep the restoration and claims process efficient.


  • Choosing a reputable disaster restoration company is essential when you have an emergency. Bowerman Cleaning & Restoration provides quality workmanship from an experienced staff. For decades, our “Green Clean” team has been cleaning up what Mother Nature left behind. Bowerman Cleaning & Restoration will restore your property and life with quality and care.

If you need assistance on filing a claim, we can help.