Water Damage Restoration Westchester NY

Dealing with sewage problems is never fun. Here are some tips that won’t make the job fun, but will make it a lot easier:

  • Avoid using any item that contacted the sewage until it has been professionally sanitized and disinfected.


  • If you or another member of the household has contacted the sewage, then consider visiting a doctor – especially if you start to feel sick. Sewage is filled with harmful toxins and microorganisms that can cause severe health complications, illnesses, and diseases.


  • Avoid direct contact with sewage. Sewage contains dangerous microorganisms and disease-causing bacteria that are harmful to your health.


  • Contact a professional to shut off or repair the source of the sewage leak


  • Call a professional disaster restoration company to handle the crisis. Bowerman Cleaning & Restoration uses industry-standard techniques and IICRC-certified professionals to efficiently tackle any crisis. We can respond to sewage emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you require assistance, call 1-844-BOWERMAN and we’ll send a team as soon as possible. Bowerman works directly with insurance agencies and property adjusters to ensure a smooth restoration process.


  • Contact your insurance agency and file a damages claim. The insurance agency will likely send out a property adjuster to assess the damages. Before calling your insurance agency, you may wish to review your policy, including your deductible amount and any policy limits.


  • Maintain a detailed list of all items that were damaged or destroyed by the sewage. Save receipts for these items whenever possible and maintain a detailed record listing which items need to be repaired and replaced.


  • If you or any members of the household have a weakened immune system, then staying in the home can be hazardous to your health. Leave the home until the sewage has been professionally treated, sanitized, and deemed safe by professionals. Infants, young children, elderly people, and anyone with an illness should avoid staying in the home.

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