Water Damage Restoration Westchester NY

Fixing a water – related emergency? Trying to prevent further water damage to your home? Here are some tips that will help you manage, contain, and remove water damage:

  • If possible, turn off your water source and call a plumber to repair any leaks.


  • Call a professional disaster restoration company like Bowerman Cleaning & Restoration and Cleaning. We can respond to your emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We work directly with insurance companies, property adjusters, and homeowners to ensure your commercial or residential property gets restored as efficiently as possible. We can be reached at 1-844-BOWERMAN.


  • Contact your insurance company and submit a claim for damages. Before you call, double-check your policy. Understand your coverage, including the limits of your policy and your deductible amount. Your insurance company will issue you a claim number and will likely send a property adjuster to assess the damages.


  • Maintain a detailed list of all your possessions that were damaged or destroyed from the incident. Save receipts from those items if possible and keep a detailed record of any items that need to be replaced, repaired, and restored.


  • Avoid operating any electrical appliances or electronics that were affected by water damage. Turning on your electronics immediately after water damage can cause a short circuit. Wait for a professional restoration team to arrive and let them assess whether or not your electronics can be repaired.


  • Avoid turning on any electronic equipment or appliances in standing water to avoid electric shock.


  • Use towels, rags, mops, buckets etc. to remove excess water from the affected area


  • Relocate all furniture and possessions to a dry, safe area. Keep track of which items have been damaged and require further attention.


  • If you cannot move furniture due to weight or other restrictions, try elevating it off the floor using plastic crates, foam blocks, or any other waterproof sturdy materials lying around your property.


  • Manually wipe furniture with towels to dry and prevent further warping.


  • Remove area rugs and any removable carpets to a safe, dry location


  • Avoid placing any possessions or furniture on top of water damaged carpeting to prevent color bleeding.


  • Move valuables to a safe place and take note of any valuables that were damaged or require restoration.


  • Just because you can’t see water doesn’t mean it’s not there. Water follows the path of least resistance, and that path often takes it through cracks between floorboards, walls, and other structural cavities. Just because you’ve mopped up all the water you see doesn’t mean that it’s all gone. Professional restoration teams like Bowerman use moisture detection tools to identify unseen moisture deposits. If you don’t identify these hidden deposits, then you risk having mold and bacteria grow within your property.

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